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Blog Post 10: Reflection of Blogging and Participation

1. I was very consistent with my blogs. I tried to watch every episode and take notes while watching and then posting my blog before Monday.  So I think I would give myself a 5.

2. I was also very consistent with posting a comment on someone else’s blog. I would always post a comment right after I posted my own post. So once again, I would give myself a 5.

3. At first I did not really understand that we had to connect the episode with the corresponding chapter, I just thought we had to observe how they were as a group and how they interacted with each other. Halfway through the blogs, I finally realized that we were supposed to relate them to the chapters…so I would probably give myself a 3.

4. I think some strengths are that I would always do them on time and add enough detail to actually describe to the reader what had happened in the episode and explaining how the tribe interacted with one another.

5. I could have improved on relating each episode with the corresponding chapter.

6. I liked blogging because it gave us a chance to see everyone’s view and read their thoughts about the episode.

7. I didn’t really like the whole idea of blogging that much because it was kind of stressful with all the other assignments we had to do. If we didn’t have that much work on the computer, I probably would have enjoyed it more.

8. I am not sure, I honestly think doing another activity would really benefit us because I know for a fact a ton of people didn’t even do these blog posts.

Blog 9, Ep. 10: This is Where We Build Trust

I really understood everyone’s logic at the beginning of this episode. Reed really wanted to get Jon out because he felt that Jon thought of himself as the “Alpha Male” and thought too highly of himself. Nataly felt like she could not trust anyone because of what they did to Jeremy last episode. For the first immunity challenge, the prize was the winners could help donate baseball gear to kids in need and have a chance to enjoy baseball food while watching the game. The Yellow Tribe won and Missy was on the losing team, once again, so Reed thought to swap with Missy so she would have a chance to experience one of the prizes from the immunity challenges (and hopefully build an alliance with Missy and Baylor). When the winners were gone, Reed talked to Keith and Wes and convinced them that Jon was useless, they agreed. When that happened, Nataly and Baylor went to search for the idol and Nataly found it. Then when Nataly said she wanted Reed voted off, things started to get confusing. For the individual Immunity challenge, Jon was the first person to give up and Reed won. Reed thought that since Jon stepped down first, it really made him look ‘cocky’ and a little too confident that he wont be voted off. That is when everyone else started to agree with Reed about Jon. At the end of the episode, when the voting was going on, Nataly whispered to Jon to play his idol, so he wouldn’t get voted off. Turns out almost everyone wrote down Jon’s name, so if he had not played his idol he would have been off. Instead of Jon voted off, Wes was voted off with just one vote.

In Chapter 6, the 5th edition, it discusses group motivation. To me, the only group motivation I see throughout this tribe/ team is when the members motivate/ convince others on whom they should vote off. Also, Jon feels motivated because everyone runs to him or Jaclyn as if they are the head of the whole tribe, which really boosts his self-esteem and makes him actually feel like the Alpha Dog. I also think JOn really falls under Shutz’s Theory of interpersonal needs. He wants to feel included and wants to be in control of the tribe and also wants and needs Jaclyn to be there with him the whole time.

Blog 8, Ep. 9: Getting to Crunch Time

I feel like this week’s episode  did not really relate to group leadership. I could not really tell who was being in leader in this one because every tribe member was so worried about themselves and worried about getting voted off. Reed was furious about Josh getting voted off. Keith and Wes were just over the whole game in general. When they had a immunity challenge, the whole group split into two teams. Jeremy and Nataly’s team won, but they decided to trade spots with Jaclyn and Jon because they know they have not eaten. The prize for winning that challenge was going out on yacht and eat sandwiches and drink all day. Then Jeremy got sent to Exile Island after trading places with Jon and he was told to find the idol. Jeremy realized that Jon had found the idol when he was sent to Exile Island and that is when Jon realized too that Jeremy was looking for it and that he technically lied about it. So this whole time everyone is questioning everyone else because they don’t know who is being honest and who they should vote off this week. In my opinion, I still looked at Jeremy as a good example of a leader. He tried having everyone’s back and help people think more rational and I was confused why he was voted off. Other people were confused why he was voted off too, because once again he was one of the stronger team members.

Blog post 7: Ep. 8: Wrinkle in the Pain

In this week’s episode, Tribe Huyopa was very upset how Julie just quit the game. It really messed up with their plans on who was going to be voted off. Josh was terrified that he was going to get voted off so he tried to get everyone and convince the “leaders” Jon and Jaclyn to be on his side instead of Jeremy’s. Josh started convincing everyone to get Jeremy off, but Jeremy won both immunity challenges. While Jon was sent to Exile island, all the guys were very disrespectful towards all the girls- and even Jaclyn, they didn’t really acknowledge her-only when Jon was there. Jon and Jaclyn were supposed to be on the men’s side but Jaclyn started to disagree with Jon once she saw how they were treating her once he was gone. That created a big problem with knowing who was on whose side. This made it even harder to decide who to vote off. People wanted Baylor off because they said she didnt do anything, some wanted Jeremy off but he kept winning the challenges, and people disliked Alec. I was not too sure who was going to get voted off. I was kind of happy to find out that they all decided to vote off Josh. I know in this game you have to be selfish because you obviously want to win, but I felt that Josh almost thought too highly of himself and was so positive that people would rather have him on the tribe. Josh’s way for solving the problem was to get rid of all the singles that were left and have only couples in Tribe Huyopa. Josh did communicate well- or tried to with everyone in the group, but his leadership skills were not that great and he also never really won any challenges. To solve Tribe Huyopa’s problem they should at least eliminate the members that dont really help the tribe move forward instead of getting rid of the singles and keeping the couples.

Blog 6, Episode 7: Million Dollar Decision

This weeks episode was a bit shocking! I was not expecting both of the tribes to merge into one big group. I feel like that would be very stressful because you feel more on your own then being part of a tribe. People who did not have their loved ones, started to get frustrated seeing all the couples around them-Julie and Jeremy could not stand Reed and Josh. Jeremy felt that Josh and Reed we becoming leaders of the tribe and there was tension in between the two, so he thought he would be an option to get voted off. So jeremy started to become friends with everyone so they wouldn’t vote him off. While Jeremy was doing that, Josh was doing the same because he felt that people would vote him off too, so it started to get really competitive. Josh wanted to get rid of all the singles that were still there and to keep all the couples. People had promised others that they would have their backs but when they had to start deciding and choosing sides, it started to get really stressful. When the whole tribe starts getting desperate food because they all ran out, they found hidden food in Julie’s bag. While she was tanning on the beach, they all went in her bag and grabbed the hidden stash. They were so pissed at Julie and said she was the most selfish person. So Im pretty sure people changed their minds about wanting to vote off Jeremy and Josh, they all wanted Julie gone. When Julie realized the tension she could not take it and could not take being away from her boyfriend, John, that long; so she decided to quit survivor. I think it was a good thing that she left because she really didn’t do much any way, she was kind of just there. I don’t think quitting necessarily solved the problem of how she acted and how she hid all the food from everyone. Also I think she decided to quit because people realized how selfish she was and knew she was going to just get voted off.

Blog 5 Make Some Magic Happen (Episode 6)

In this weeks episode, Tribe Hanahpu really messed up. They didn’t think rationally and save the proper amount of food, so they literally had food to last them for a couple of days and the competition still had more than a week to go. They were in desperate need of food so they could last and have energy for the challenges. Their penalty to receive 1 more bag of rice was to give up all of their comfort and tools. Which means the tribe has to practically start from scratch. They were all a bit frustrated giving up all their shelter, but they were really desperate. While that was happening, Tribe Coyopa had some issues with Dale. Dale was still upset/ hurt how they voted his daughter off the tribe. Since his loved one was gone, he thinks he is next off, so he really has to step his game up and become better allies with Jon and Jacklyn. He is confident that he is good enough to stay on the tribe, so Dale tells Jon about the “idol” he has and tries to convince him not to vote him off.

For the immunity challenge the two tribes were competing for a whole BBQ. So the tribes picked who they thought would win ( Baylor VS. Reed). Hanahpu wins this challenge because of Reed and that brought tears to everyone in the tribe because now they actually have more food and wont have to starve. Baylor felt that she let her tribe down and was disappointed in herself, so she gets sent with Nataly to Exile Island. That night after Hanahpu’s feast, it started to storm. Hanahpu had no shelter, so they basically all had to huddle together to stay warm. Julie was crying the whole night because she said she could not handle the rain. People on her own tribe were getting frustrated with her because she did sign up to be on Survivor. The next day when it cleared up, tribe Hanahpu was actually losing at first to Tribe Coyopa; then in the end Hanahpu started listening to each other and picked it up and beat Tribe Coyopa. Once again Coyopa had to vote someone off. Jon and Jaclyn did not really believe Dale about having an idol. So the whole tribe decided to not listen to Dale and voted him off. It almost seemed like Dale was more talk than anything and he was not really honest or loyal with his tribe. In order to be a good leader or be a good member in a tribe you need to be able to listen and speak, not just speak. One needs to be able to take in what everyone thinks or says and ask questions more than just telling what they think or believe. I think Jon and Jaclyn make good leaders because I really think they actually listen to what others think or feel and put their thoughts into consideration.

Blog 5 Blood is Blood

In the episode Blood is Blood there was a bit of a twist. At first, tribe Hunahpu just laughed about their last tribal meeting because they kicked off Drew. Jon started admitting to everyone what Drew was saying about the tribe. Jon  starts to apologize because he does not want to get sent home. Tribe Coyopa had no idea that Drew got sent home. When they all saw that he was sent home, they were all shocked and said that Drew was one of the stronger members. Then the host decided to change things up and switch the teams up. On tribe Hunahpu it was most of the singles except Josh and Reed. And most of the loved ones are on tribe Coyopa except for Keith because his son, Wes, is on the other tribe. Keith kind of feels left out because everyone has their loved one on the tribe and Jaclyn and Jon are constantly all over each other. Coyopa was very happy because all of the food they have but Dale was was monitoring Missy and Baylor. Baylor told her mom that Dale tried voting her off last time, which caused some tension between Missy ( Baylor’s mom) and Dale. Kelley had to talk to her dad to calm him down and tried telling him it was pointless to make it a big deal because then they will try to vote him off first.

While that was happening tribe Hunahpu was kind of struggling. When they got back to their site, they saw how little food they had- which was only 3 days worth of food. Alec was thinking positive about the whole situation, while Jeremy was upset of who was on his tribe. He almost started acting selfish just like Drew and he thinks Alec will get kicked off because he is the same exact as Drew. They were worried that they would lose the immunity challenge because of the amount of food they had, but they ended up winning anyways.

The new tribe Coyopa worked a little better together, the only problems that were going on were between Baylor and Dale. Other than that not that many people in the tribe were talking about each other behind their backs. But when you looked at how tribe Hunahpu was acting, you could really tell that those people were being selfish and just wanted to win the competition already and they would just pick on someone to talk bad about to get voted off. Once again, things work best when the whole group thinks positive and does not point fingers at people. At the end I was kind of surprised that they kicked Kelley off because she was not the one who was really creating any problems, she was just trying to make “peace” with all the tension between Baylor and her father. That one shocked me the most and I am not really sure if I agree with them.. kind of wish they voted Dale off because of his attitude.

Blog Post #4 episode 4

This week’s episode of survivor was not too intense, everyone was relieved that John was voted off. Julie was a bit upset but she just shrugged it off because she knew she still had to be apart of the Hunahpu Tribe and keep her game face on.

There were really no problems going on, even when Jon beat his girlfriend Jaclyn which got her sent to Exile Island (he was confident that she could handle it), except when Tribe Coyopa was desperate to win something because Hunahpu kept winning.

Later on in the episode, Drew starts getting a little frustrated and just wants to win the whole competition already, so his plan is to get rid of all the girls because he thinks that they are bringing the tribe down. Then when Coyopa wins its first challenge, Hanuhpu started to think of who they should kick off the tribe. At first they weren’t too bummed, but once they started to hear Drew talk about his idea of kicking off the “useless” people, they all had different thoughts about him. Hanuhpu couldn’t really decide at first they wanted Julie to go because her loved one wasn’t even in the competition anymore and then they decided that Drew should be the one who leaves. Drew was being selfish, even though yes the whole game is to win money, but first you have to work together as a group and he didn’t really do that. In order to have a good working team or tribe, you must work together, think on the same level, support and help each other (even though you know one person will win this competition) and to cooperate and avoid pointing fingers because you are all in the competition together.

Episode 2

I thought this episode was really intense and entertaining because of all the drama between the two tribes and within the tribes. You could really tell that team members were getting really frustrated because their loved ones were getting kicked off and they all took that really personally. People were getting emotional and choosing sides. In Coyopa Tribe, John was pretty confident that his group was going to try to eliminate all the girls from the tribe because he felt like they were bringing the whole group down. During the obstacle courses, John was showing very poor sportsmanship. Jeremy was upset at Coyopa because John promised to watch over his wife, Val, and failed. Jeremy also realized what John was trying to do with all the girls in Tribe Coyopa and thought it was unfair, so Jeremy blew John’s secret about being a baseball player who used to make racist and homosexual remarks and that is when people started to question John, even his own tribe members. His tribe felt almost scared of him and felt that they couldn’t really trust him. Teams or groups should not be like that at all you shouldn’t really be scared about trusting your group members. That part of the episode really caught my attention because you really had no idea who was leaving because you had no idea who was lying and who wasn’t. But in the end I am happy that they voted John off the Coyopa Tribe because he wasn’t really honest, respectful, and the way he threatened another tribe was not ok and groups should not have members/ teammates with that attitude.

Survivor blog 1

While watching the first episode of survivor, I tried to really pay attention to how everyone worked with their new group and how they tried to work together. At first I had no idea that the couples who had come together were going to be split up into different tribes. When they were introducing the contestants, some couples seemed nervous about surviving on this island because they were unable to get the fire started or they were arguing with one another about how to start the fire the right way. On the other hand, some were confident that they will win this season of survivor. The first obstacle was really emotional for Jeremy (the firefighter) because he was forced to go against his wife, who was in the other tribe, and if he won the obstacle course, his wife would have to go to Exile Island. While they were competing, tribe members cheered each other on.

In the Goyopa Tribe, it was mostly young people except for Dale, who was Kelly’s father, he felt out of place. He said that it was a challenge for him because he is not used to being with a big group of strangers, so he was kind of excluded. During this episode, I kind of noticed that the Goyopa Tribe had its own “cliques”, not everyone liked eachother.

On another note, the Hunahpu Tribe, seemed like they all got a long pretty well. They were supportive of each other and all worked together as an actual team. There was a point when Jeremy talked to everyone to make sure things were ok and to make sure that people liked him as well.

At the end, the Goyopa Tribe had the most challenging experiences so far, because they had to kick someone off the tribe. They were sure it was going to be Dale because he was old and “useless” but they were shocked to see Nadiya go.