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Final Blog!!

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  4. I think my strengths with my blog, was linking class concepts with scenarios in Survivor. With commenting on others blogs, I participated every week and tried to link comments with course material but it was difficult.
  5. To improve on my blog and participation, I could have talked about Survivor a little more in each blog, and in comments I could have written a little more.
  6. I enjoyed blogging for the most part. I thought it was a fun and different assignment for class.
  7. I did not like that blogs were due on Mondays. Having class and a blog due along with other assignments seemed like too much for one day.
  8. For blogging in the future, I would suggest changing the day it is due to Fridays. I would also start it earlier in the semester so that we wouldn’t be starting class material, SCAP, and the blog at the same time, it got overwhelming.

Gettin’ to Crunch Time

Throughout this season of Survivor, the tribes have gone through the group development stages. When they first got there, they were in the forming stage and the loved ones stayed with one another until they had to separate and split into their tribes. At first everyone was polite and then entered the storming stage where group members address the conflict/cohesion dialectic and the leadership/ fellowship dialectic. During the storming stage the tribe members began to experience secondary tension, which meant that the members were growing comfortable enough with one another they have gained confidence and become assertive and even aggressive. I think that tribe members resolved secondary tension by making alliances with one another and and reduced the stress of being voted off. The norming stage kind of seems to be missing among the tribes. They resolve their tensions by voting someone off or creating new alliances. The performing stage really comes out when the tribes are involved in their immunity challenges and reward challenges. The tribes adapt and change according to group needs and task requirements. The adjourning stage is when the goals have been achieved and I think that this stage happened when the tribes merged. Although it is not the main goal in the game, it is still a major accomplishment to make it that far. The hidden agenda, what people really want rather than what they say they want, in Survivor for most tribe members could be they want to win, but they say they is that they want whats best for their tribe and vote people off because they are not contributing to their tribe. Creating an alliance, becomes a group norm that each tribe has. Everyone creates alliances, hoping it will get them further in the game and closer to winning. This chapter should have been used in one of the first episodes so we could really see how the tribes went through the development stages!!

Wrinkle in the Plan

Last week, Julie decided to quit the game because she felt left out because her boyfriend was voted off previously. Missy is upset about this because she put a “wrinkle in the plan” that everyone was supposed to vote Josh out.

Now that they have merged into one tribe, Huyopa, separates into two different teams for their reward challenges. This weeks reward: taco bar. If I were on this show and my reward was a taco bar, I would try a lot harder win and be really disappointed in myself if my team lost. LOL! Missy was not chosen for a team, so she had to sit out and not have the chance to try for the taco bar.

Jeremy notes that Keith wanted to vote Julie off if they had gone to tribal council, but Jeremy knows that all of Keith’s alliances were against him and had planned to vote him out if they had gone to tribal council.

Again, Josh tries to recruit Baylor to be part of his alliance. He says that she owes him because he saved her in the beginning of the game. Baylor feels blackmailed by Josh’s invite as his alliance. And then Josh turns it onto Missy, saying that she controls what Baylor does. Which I think is just his way to get out of “being wrong,” always coming up with excuses.

The girls at camp are so concerned with what the guys are doing, and I hate it. Instead of them just getting along and accepting each other, the girls are annoyed that the guys always want help with different chores around camp, when I feel like everyone should be contributing.

Despite Josh trying to form alliances, he is voted out this week! He and Baylor had an almost equal amount of votes, Josh: 6 and Baylor: 5.

Million Dollar Decision


When the tribes receive tree mail, they realize that the merge is finally happening and some have mixed emotions about it.  Josh and Reid start brainstorming ideas for their alliances once the merge happens and who they know for sure should be voted off once they go to their tribal meeting. Everyone is “keeping their options open” for their alliances once the tribes come together. For the members whose loved ones were voted off, I feel like it is harder for them, because they do not have that natural alliance with their loved one, like some other members do. For example, Julie not wanting to be apart of tribe activities because she does not want to do it without her boyfriend Jon who was voted off a couple weeks ago, would have a harder time making alliances because she wants to set herself apart from the group. Jeremy is just happy to have Missy back because she has had his back since the very beginning, and having her, would bring Baylor to him too. Josh says that they will be okay and be able to vote Jeremy off, as long as they get the alliances before Jeremy, Missy, and Baylor do. They would have had to come up with these ideas by brainstorming with others or using the DOT technique in a way.

Josh wants all the couples to stay together and eventually vote off the singles. Baylor has a difficult time with alliances because she has a bond with Josh, but her mom Missy has a bond with Jeremy. They cannot all become one big alliance because Josh’s plan is to vote Jeremy off the first chance he gets.

Julie is lost not having Jon by her side while others still have their loved ones, and decided to quit!! Because of her quitting, there is no tribal council, and Josh does not get to vote Jeremy off.

We’ll see if he gets that chance next week!!

Make Some Magic Happen

Last week, Coyopas tribe member Dale, had his daughter voted off and it was very hard for him to watch her go through that. There seems to be tension between all the members of Coyopa.
Hunahpu has had many hard times through their time on Survivor. Because of their carelessness for the amount of rice they make at a time, they ran out in a very short amount of time. They ask Jeff if they can make a trade to have more rice and Jeff comes up with a trade: all of their items they have earned, for a bag of rice that has to last them the remainder of their time on the show. Many tribe members think this is a fair trade and are fine with it, but Jeremy is very upset about this. He’s mad that everyone is so concerned about having rice, instead of comfort items, when they could find their own food or have been more responsible with how they distributed their use of rice in the first place.
This weeks episode showed a lot of examples of nonverbal behavior. When Reed won bbq reward for his tribe, he began to cry because he felt like if was so stressful but he won. When Baylor lost, she seemed fine at first and then started becoming upset because she could not win the awesome reward for her tribe and is now going to be sent to exile island.
The way tribe members interact with one another has a lot to do with nonverbal behavior. I do not think personal appearance really plays a role in the tribes because they are all living on an island together and trying for one thing.
Facial expression and eye contact has a big role in the tribes. I think people kind of realize how others feel about them with the way they respond facially at one another and situations they have among the tribe.

Blood Is Blood

I think that listening plays a major role in all the episodes of Survivor. They need to listen to eachother to keep everything going smoothly and communicate with one another to prevent voting a tribe member off.

I don’t like when Jeff asks members from other tribes what they think about another member going home, because they don’t know how that tribe works or their reason for voting someone off. It really bothers me!

Getting new tribes, the members are really going to have to listen to eachother to learn the new routines. The tribe members need to listen to understand so that they can grasp the meaning of tribe members’ spoken and nonverbal messages. Dale is trying to tell Missy and Baylor that they are making way too much rice. Missy and Baylor just ignore him because Baylor did things differently in her tribe. They do not listen to him and then Kelley steps in to tell her dad that a scoop of rice is not worth getting mad about because it could get you voted out because people do not want to listen to you.

It was expected that since Coyopa has more couples on it now, that they would have an easier time with their challenges because couples should be better at working together and listening to one another. Instead, Hunahpu won even though they have more single members on their tribe.

When trying to decide who to vote off their tribe, members are going to one another to create alliances and agree to vote the same person off. Members are also remembering that Baylor got others to vote someone off before and then switched her vote to someone else, so they no longer trust her.

I think now that Coyopa has 3 couples and 1 single, it will be very difficult when someone is voted off because the other partner in the relationship is not going to be happy with the rest of the group.

A Hot Mess

The title of this episode says it all!

The Big Five Personality Traits were a major role in this episode, Hunahpu showed many examples of personality differences. Showing extraversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness, emotional stability, and openness to experience and also had perfect examples of their opposites which are: introversion, disagreeableness, carelessness, neuroticism, and closed to experience. When Coyopa made their appearance and Hunahpu realized that John was voted off, Julie showed emotional stability by being calm, poised and secure when she found out that her boyfriend was voted off.

Many members of both Hunahpu and Coyopa discriminate against the older members of their tribe, they exclude them from conversation and other group activities. One week, they tried to vote Dale off because he is older and “does not do anything for the group”, which is false because Dale has done many things for their tribe. This week it was mentioned to vote Keith off because he and Jeremy had become allies, and while Keith was on Exile Island he found a clue to an immunity idol, which he could not find, so he assumed that Jeremy had it. This upset Jeremy because instead of just asking him, he spread it around the island that Jeremy was hiding it. After Keith spread this rumor, he continued to search for the immunity idol and later found it, and has not told anyone about it, so members of the tribe still think Jeremy has it. While Drew was on Exile Island with Jacklyn he decided that if he had a chance, he was going to purposely lose the immunity challenge because he felt that there were members on his tribe that needed to be sent home. His plan was to vote Julie off because she does not have a loved one on the island anymore and she has not been any help in previous challenges. In the end, his plan backfired when he was voted off the island.

Actions vs. Accusations

Episode 3 of Survivor goes along with the conflict chapter perfectly!

In the beginning, Drew becomes frustrated with making a better roof that does not have holes and decides to take a nap instead of helping the rest of the tribe. There is affective conflict between Missy, Natalie and Drew because Drew does not think he needed to contribute to weaving leaves for a roof without holes because he can do better things.

Jeremy’s wife Val was voted off and when Jeremy realizes that, he feels betrayed by John Rocker who agreed to watch over Val. This is a form of competition conflict. Jeremy sees it as John did not do what he agreed to, but John did what was best for his tribe and Jeremy focuses on the personal goal if it. In turn, Jeremy tells everyone the truth about who John Rocker really is: an ex baseball player who made racist and homophobic remarks.

Later, Baylor tries to remind everyone that this is just a game and really everyone is just out to get each other and there area no real alliances. Baylor also tries to convince the boys to vote John Rocker out. Alec thinks Baylor is at the bottom and is trying to get John voted off, to save herself from being eliminated.

Members of Hunahpu are trying to convince Coyopa to vote Rocker off their tribe this week because now they know about his past. Now there is conflict between both tribes especially because of the way John responded to Natalie’s rude remarks about voting him off. John goes to the girls and tried to get them to vote Dale off because to him, Dale is useless, when in reality he’s just trying to save himself. After the girls agree to this, John goes against it and votes Baylor off. Now everyone is going against each other and not keeping their word.

If I were in their situation, it would cause conflict for me that no one stays true to their word and I would never trust anyone.

In the end, John’s plan backfires and he is voted off even when he has an immunity idol because he thought he was safe.

Method To This Madness

Everyone is craving the need for affection. Each tribe member is trying to find an alliance with each member, and make personal connections with other to keep themselves from being voted off the island.

Many members looking for an alliance are becoming over personal members and sharing facts about themselves to be saved. Josh seems to be an over personal member with Baylor.

During the challenges, I think each member takes part in the group maintenance roles. Each persons begins to encourage and release tension to the member who is competing for reward.

I think there’s a little communication apprehension when Hunapuh asks Jeff to trade their beans for flint because they lost their first piece and that may have came because who would want to admit they lost one of the most valuable items they have earned? During the immunity challenge when Kelly and Jacquelyn go against each other, each tribe begins to encourage the tribe members who are competing against one another during the sumo challenge. Each tribe shows a lot of encouragement toward their tribe members. Whenever each group begins to fail at the challenge, I think each group kind of experiences communication apprehension because they are obviously upset that they now have a disadvantage and have lost a chance at winning immunity, and it’s also kind of like what are you supposed to say to your tribe members when you start to lose?

Baylor uses an affection need with missy, during the immunity challenge when missy hits Baylor and splits her lip, Missy feels bad for her daughter Baylor which kind of gives Baylor the upper hand. When tribes want to plan things together, or in a way begin to use their alliances to help them vote a certain tribe member off, there is kind of a procedural technician, meaning that there is a certain member who takes charge and begins to make arrangements and kind of has the final say in what happens with their alliances.

Suck It Up and Survive

This was the first time I have ever watched Survivor, and I am already hooked. I wish I had gotten into the show in previous seasons. During the first episode of Survivor, the groups are introduced as couples, such as husband wife, father and son, mother and daughter and partners. They then give background information about themselves and the skills they have. After this, they were separated into two different tribes, Coyopa and Hunahpu. Each tribe then began the group development process. Once the first challenge began it had split a couple that were once together and now opponents pit against each other. The losing member was then sent to Exile Island with one other member from the winning tribe. They missed out on the opportunity to show the vital skills they are able to contribute to their tribe during the group development process. The husband and wife involved in the challenge had to compete for what is an overly important item in the game of Survivor: fire in the form of flint. Fire can be a large group development tool that can either make or break a tribe. As the losing tribe had learned the hard way, building a fire without flint is a challenge, the tribe split into two groups the younger ones and a single older man. As the young group attempted to build a fire together using great team work switching from each person to the other trying to make a single spark the older man then sacrificed his sight in the form of glasses to prove to his tribe he was a key contender and not just an older man to be pushed aside. This was a game changer in the later challenge, as this tribe lost they had to then go to tribal council where each tribe member casts a vote to strategically remove someone from their tribe. Whether the person lacked teamwork or was untrustworthy, there is always someone who must fall. This decision was to vote off one of the younger girls on the team who the older man had declared a backstabber due to her previous actions on a popular show, The Amazing Race. He earned the respect from his fellow tribe mates by building a connection and earning a proper mutual respect.