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Who Will Survive

This was my first time watching the show Survivor. I must admit the series never  really got my attention, but since it was a class assignment I had to force myself to watch it.

At the beginning of the first episode I was a little confused because I did not get it. As the episode progressed i went understanding the concept a little more. The twist on breaking up the couples into different groups was a very good twist. It gets you hooked because you want to know what is going to happen. Also you see what importance the role of communication plays in games like these. For example, some of the husbands tried to look out for their wives even if they were on different teams. They had to form bonds with different team members in order for the plans that they were making  to work out.

As the show continues and they get to the challenges the communication becomes more and more important. The members of the teams have to work together to complete the obstacle course that will save the team form elimination. One of the difficult parts had to be when they had to climb a wall in order to complete a puzzle. I feel thats when the communication in a group plays a big role because you have to put your head together to figure it out.

Overall just after watching the first two episodes the show is starting to get me hooked because you start to see the importance can difficulty it could be to work in groups.  I must say my favorite part was watching Dale from te orange team start the fire with his glasses. I had never seen something like that before or did it ever cross my mind.

-Alejandra Landeros