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That’s a Wrap

1) 3

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3) 5

4) I was able to capture what went on during the episode and correlate it with what we were studying in class.

5) I believe I could have been able to submit a few more assignments. I was pretty diligent with doing them on time then before midterms I started to forget about it. I also submitted one and it didn’t go through which started a domino effect in not remembering/caring to do them.

6) I liked associating the theories with real life examples (even if they were from a horrible show). This helped me remember them for the tests.

7) I disliked how I often we had to do it along with the show it was on. I understand the reasoning of why it was chosen to study group communication, but I feel like it is all staged which makes it hard to watch.

8) Reducing the amount of assignments due and maybe have a couple choices in shows the students want to watch and blog on. Make it be shows that are available online.

Trail Mix

In this weeks episode of Survivor the two tribes have merged and alliances were developed. There are now two defined characters who are trying to take on the leadership role and protect themselves with alliances. Jeremy decides to take things into his own hands and establishes his position as a leader when he addresses several (7) members from the camp and confirms they are still loyal to him. Josh witnesses Jeremy talking to several members and realizes if he doesn’t make a move quick his rival will get him kicked out by the next council meeting. In the end Julie who kept a little extra trail mix after the feast was outcasted when found out by the others. She could no longer taking being without her loved one and decides to quit and go home. Thus resulting in no tribal Council and Josh and Jeremy left to battle it out next week. Chapter 9 in the book covers Structured and Creative Problem Solving in groups. The chapter has an emphasis on Decision making and whether it is more effective to make decisions in groups or independent decisions. If you break down the concept of the show, everyone is competing to be the last “Survivor” remaining. There are a lot of group decisions being made but everyone when making those group decisions is focused on on their own hidden agenda. For example, when alliances are formed and they vote off an individual they act as it if was in the best interest for everyone in the group. While some did not actually stick to the plan of the group and voted for someone else, or thought why not vote them off they are not a threat to me and its keeping the attention away. So even though there are a lot of group decisions being made. There are a lot of independent decisions being made as well. Especially coming toward the end of the season. Till next time!


-Zack Starlin Kelem

Time To Mix It Up

Conflict has been one of the main themes of Survivor throughout the years. In this weeks episode we will discuss some of the main conflicts that have arose in the tribes. As well as attraction and task commitment by certain members that has resulted in group cohesion.  The shows host has a twist for us this week and decides to shake things up. They are asked to take off their bandannas and are divided up into two whole new tribes. The Coyopa tribe now consists of three loved ones and Keith, while the Hunaphu tribe consists of one pair of loved ones and the rest individuals. Conflict Arises for Keith since he feels like he is the odd man out. There is a lot of love and compassion going around the tribe and alliances are automatically made between loved ones leaving him vulnerable. Cohesion has developed within the Coyopa tribe because of the interpersonal connection between the loved ones. In the Hunaphu tribe Natalie and Jeremy try to persuade Alec to join their alliance since all three have a similar situation of not having their loved one on the show anymore. Jeremy decided to use an old Fireman technique called “Surround and Drown”. Conflict seems to strike the Coyopa tribe again when the rice portion is running low. Members who were from the Hunaphu tribe don’t think it is fair since the rationed their food in their previous tribe and left behind their grater rations.  Dale seems to have the biggest issue with Missy giving out double portions. After the lose the immunity challenge it was up to Dale and his daughter to team up with some members to get rid of Missy and her daughter. In the end it didn’t play out as planned as Dale’s daughter Kelley is voted of the island causing him to the be another person without a loved one in the Coyopa Tribe.

Survivor- “The Beginning”

Hello Colleagues,


I am entering my first blog and I am excited to say it is a show I grew up watching as a kid. I always remember Survivor for its dramatic plot twists and cunning social tactics to turn friends into foes and vice versa.

The show started out with the traditional introduction of the contestants and gave a brief background on their lives. There is a similar theme to the last season with the contestants being related by blood or in a relationship with one other member. There are 18 contestants at the start of the show. The teams are split up into two with the couples competing against one another. The orange team is the Coyoba tribe while the blue team is Hunahpu tribe.  The Coyoba tribe consists of a majority of the younger contestants with one old farmer who is 25 years older than the rest. The Hunahpu  tribe is more seasoned competitors. There is a young  fireman (who competes against his wife in the opening challenge) who tries to create alliances with every member in his group. He understand this game can not be won by yourself.

Survivor is a good case study for group development especially in the early episodes of the season.  It demonstrates group development in many ways. The forming stage of the groups when the loved ones are split apart is a good example. This required the members to become familiar with one another and finding common interests and or feelings in order to form relationships. The Storming stage occurred when the the old farmer was able to create fire and the rest of the Coyoba tribe realized he had some value. The performing stage was when the Hunahpu tribe worked together and won themselves immunity. Immunity means that you do not have to vote one of your members off the island.


After the first challenge the Coyoba tribe lost and had to make the hard decision to vote one of their members out. Through the group development process some members were able to form alliances and worked cooperatively to find an outcast. There were two contestants that stood out the most. One bring the old farmer, and the other being the twin from Sri Lanka who had been on America’s race. If only the Sri Lanka twin had shared more chemistry with the others in the stages of group development she might be around for the next episode. Until next week on Survivor!


-Zack Kelem