Post attendance for 11/10 group meetings here

Greetings class!

As a reminder, I have allotted time for you to meet in your groups tomorrow, Monday 11/10.

In order to earn attendance credit, please comment below with:

  • Letter of group and class section
  • Names of group members present
  • Meeting time and date
  • Tasks achieved



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  1. Letter of Group and Class Section:

    Group A
    Section 02

    Members Present:

    Greg Belluomini
    Nsomah Apambire
    Ana Alfaro
    Kristina Arnold
    Brittany Boughton
    Cheyenne Anderson-Randle (FaceTime)

    Meeting Time & Date:

    Monday 11/10 from 10:30 – 11:45

    Tasks Achieved:

    We divided up the unfinished work equally
    Set concrete dates of when sections are due to the group
    We decided on a theme and story line to our presentation
    Discussed future meetings and set dates

  2. Letter of group and class section:
    -Group B Section 02

    Names of group members present:
    -Nicole Bradley
    -Angelica Brown
    -Morgan Cruelle
    -Alanna Dantona

    Meeting time and date:
    -Monday 11/10 10:00am-11:30am

    Tasks achieved:
    -Organized website
    -Verbal and non-verbal communication section completed
    -Assigned roles and responsibilities for next assignment

  3. Section 03, Group E
    “Panda Friends” Present: Dave, Darren, and Kourtney
    Met on 11/10/2014 at 330pm
    Divided and completed sections of the next part of our Survivor Project, Completed the chapter questions to send in.

  4. Section 2, Group F (Slurm)
    Members Present: Marissa Villa, Kevin Weeks, Rachel Yalowitz, Max Wittenberg, Ryan Porter
    Met on 11/10/2014 in C Building Study Room
    Reviewed Agenda for presentation, Finalized Prezi, Practiced Presentation, Started reviewing Exam 3 Study Guide

  5. 11/10
    Group C: Denetha
    Comm 220 section 02

    Goals: Finish all of the Country Analyasis project

    Members attended:

  6. Comm 220 02

    Group D
    Christian Morris
    Gregory Moss
    Michael Rapp
    Blair Martin-Lewis
    Geoffrey Painter

    Monday Nov. 10 in the library from 4:30-5:45
    We are correcting and assigning remaining SCAP assignments to group members and setting internal due dates.

  7. Section 03 – Group A

    Group Members Attended: Kylie,Angie,Shawntelle,Vanessa,Cynthia,Jacob

    Meeting time and date: 11-9-14 Online 2-3:30

    Tasks achieved: Officially went over feedback from chapter presentation, discussed additional content for country presentations, talked about strengths and weaknesses for exam#3, discussed Survivor and how group comm concepts are always consistent throughout the show.

  8. [Repost]

    Group C

    Meeting and Time:
    Monday 10/11/14
    Library 4:40 to 5:45

    Task accomplished: Verbal and Nonverbal communication of Finland.

    Goal for this week: Finish up all of CAP and start practicing.


  9. Group C: Section 03
    Members present: Angelica, Brent, Briana, Josh, Katrina and Marla
    Date & Time: Sunday 8:00-9:30 on AppearIn
    Accomplishments: Reviewed criticism from last SCAP assignment and discussed how to go forward with remaining SCAP assignments. Discussed different ideas to construct an engaging presentation and created an objective guideline to adhere to the grading rubric.

  10. Letter of Group and Class Section:
    Group B
    Section 03

    Members Present:
    Amber Garcia
    Ashley Cope
    Karina Gilad
    Katherine Dombrowski

    Meeting Time & Date:
    Monday, November 10th from 7:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m. in the Broome Library

    Tasks Achieved:
    *Hyperlinks added to Navigation slide
    *Citations added to slides
    *Background and theme chosen
    *Info added to slides
    *future assignments discussed

  11. Group E Section 02

    Members Present:
    Garrett Snyder
    Claire Campagna
    Edward Gardner
    Colleen Ulpindo
    Christian Vasquez

    Date & Time:
    Monday, November 10th from 430-530pm in Broome Library

    Tasks Achieved:
    -Verbal & Nonverbal communication in Russia
    -Added pictures and citations

  12. Section 03 – Group D
    Group members attended: Zack, Ale, Luke, Javier, Kasi, & Molly
    Meeting time & date: 10 November 2014 7pm-8pm
    Tasks achieved: We met in the library & went over our chapter presentation feedback & worked on the upcoming slide that is due Wednesday.

  13. Section 03
    Group F
    Alyssa, Sandya, Joey, Cristina
    11/10/14 at 7pm
    Tasks achieved:
    We went through our chapter presentation a couple of times, and divided up work for our Survivor analysis project.

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