Correct answers to extra credit

  1. True.  It takes 60 minutes for the class website to load your blog post.
  2. False.  You must submit 10 blog entries throughout the semester but only participate (comment on other’s blogs) 5 times.  Explanation:  You must participate 10 times.
  3. False.  When you post a blog, it must be labeled as follows survivorblog02 or survivorblog03.  Explanation:  You must include a space between the words survivor and blog and the numbers 02 or 03 (e.g. survivor blog 02).  If you do not do this, your posts will not filter into the homepage.
  4. True.  The class website contains information about the focus of each blog post.
  5. True.  There are two group projects in this course:  the Survivor Country Analysis Project and the Chapter Presentation.
  6. The Chapter Presentation does not have to include which of the following:
  • A presentation of key points from the chapter
  • A chapter quiz
  • 2-3 outside sources
  • An engaging discussion about the chapter
  1. True.  Due dates for the Survivor Country Analysis Project are disbursed throughout the semester and are noted on the syllabus.
  2. True.  Before your Chapter Presentation, you must email the instructor a detailed agenda, a finalized PowerPoint (or prezi), discussion questions and a handout for the class.

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